Week of Soup

I love soup. Soup is the greatest comfort food, warming on a cold autumn evening, cooling on a hot summer’s day (and not only cold soups can be cooling). Soup can be rustic, elegant, soupy, pretty, a piece of art or even a cure for various diseases. Soup is the essence of many cuisines, soup unites all cuisines of this world. I love soup! Did I mention?

This is the week of soup on themaskedchef.net

I will publish the recipes – one at a time – in the weeks coming but I will share a few pictures with you today. Soup is the most difficult dish (for me) to take pictures of. I do struggle because the pictures never reflect how good the soup tastes. But I’ll keep trying 🙂


„Cock-a-leekie“ (with sugar snaps added to the original recipe)



Soto Madura (indonesian broth with intestines)



‚Pimped‘ Gazpacho



Rawon – black beef soup from East Java



Pho Bo – vietnamese Beef Soup



Frankonian Mushroom Broth with Dumpling


Clear Fish Soup & Veggies

There is so much more I can think of…stay tuned – more to come!

I would die for a good soup!





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  1. Awesome! And the pictures are beautiful!


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